Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I really need to keep up with this. It makes me feel so much better after I just kind of recap my days and I would love to have something to look back on a year from now when my husband is home & see how much I grew through this awful deployment. 

I found out today that Adilyn Mae will most likely be making her debut the 14th, which I'm glad I have a date however...it's not the date I wanted. I know that I should be happy with the fact that we're even having a baby, a healthy baby girl...but I still can't help but wish the Dr would induce me a little earlier. The 14 is obnoxiously close to my husband coming home for his leave before he leaves for Afghanistan. I wanted it to be a little sooner so that when he does come home, I can be in my routine and have things down. Not to mention a little more healed. But hey, it's the military I am trying to work around, so it's like there is no winning. I did however start to leak a little from my boobs last night & I have NEVER been so excited :) I am wanting to exclusively breastfeed with my daughter and I wasn't able to even attempt it with my son, I never leaked ahead of time & never really dryed up & got rock hard. So this, is progress :)

I would also like to say however, I am the mommy of a Potty Trained little boy :) That, is my proudest accomplishment in awhile. I did it all on my own, of course with the amazing support of my husband. Even with being over 900 miles away, he somehow made the whole process so much easier. It was a lot more of an emotional thing then I thought it was going to be...my son is beyond stubborn! (he still sleeps in my bed & I've been working on that for awhile too) & with being 9 months pregnant...it made it even harder...but we did it!! :) 

I am so ready for December to be here, not the beginning of December of course, everything I am waiting for to happen, happens in the middle of December! I am the most impatient person too, so these countdowns are killing me! We are waiting to put our tree up until my husband comes home & that is killing my son. My MIL let him help her put her tree up though, so hopefully that eases some of his impatience. :) 

Saturday, November 19, 2011

I absolutely LOVE this picture. I was on Pinterest and HAD to share it. I think that, even if my husband wasn't in the military I would love it :)

My son is sleeping and it's only 8:00 P.M. I'm 9 months pregnant, so there is not much for me to do. I am especially missing my husband tonight, a lot. & I am also, randomly craving sunny side up eggs with toast. Potty Training has thank goodness been doing good, he was with my friend last night & even at her house used the potty! :) He didn't poop in it while he was there, but all I can say is baby steps. It makes me feel good to know he is choosing to do this, because I was starting to give up faith in myself that I could go through with this. Now, we move onto getting him to sleep in his own bed. Although, I know once the baby gets here & my husband comes for his two weeks and goes, things are going to be rocky again. I am praying that we wont have to start over from step one again. The bed thing is long overdue and I kick myself for not putting him in his own bed in the beginning. I don't have a whole lot to say tonight/today, can you tell? I went to another baby shower today. 3rd one in the last 3 months...& everyone I go to makes me a little more depressed I'm not having my own. It's a little late now, seeing how I am 3 weeks away from having this little bundle of joy.

Friday, November 18, 2011

It's Friday, right?!

So it's Friday, right?! Honestly since I got out of high school almost 5 years ago (it seems a lot longer) I have a hard time keeping track of days. Now that I am a stay at home mom it makes it even harder. I usually know the DATE but not the DAY. I guess knowing the date has to do with my multiple countdowns. I learned early on that being with someone in the Military, countdowns help keep you sane, or well help keep me sane. 

I am "officially" 36 weeks pregnant today (YAY!) I say officially because I think I am really 37 weeks by my LMP but my Dr. decided to go with 16th of December instead of the 9th. go figure I find out this Tuesday when my actual date of induction will be! So, I am a little anxious. Of course I am uncomfortable and wanting this little princess out of me, I feel as big as a house and I am def packing on the lbs (or so i feel) and tired of a greasy face & dry itchy skin. But in all honesty I am just ready to meet my little girl. I am anxious to see her, hold her, cuddle her! No her nursery isn't completely ready for her, but I am!

I am marking yesterday down as a sucseful day with Potty Training for my LO and I! I think he is finally getting the concept of it and thank God. I was losing faith in myself & that had me feeling down. I did what I swore I would never do and put his big boy potty in the Living Room. He was so afraid of missing something, even when I paused the t.v that it was a battle to get him to go to the bathroom every 1/2 hour. Not to mention, I don't see how that helps him know when he has to go. So 2 days ago I decided that I was done telling him when he had to go and he could make the decision on his own. I would ask him ever so often and he would, of course tell me no. Well, after a couple accidents I think he realized the feeling of pee running down his leg was not too awesome. So yesterday we did just underwear no plastic pants and put his potty in the living room and guess what, it was a success! :) Today, he hasn't gone on his own yet, but he has pooped twice (i have my alarm set again) with no accidents. I also learned that I have to allow him to have more to drink then usual, so he pees more then usual...to help him get the hang of it! :) 

Thursday, November 17, 2011

It's a battle

You know, I should really write in this more often. I absolutely love reading blogs and I honestly love writing them...but for some reason I can't get myself to keep one updated. I just signed up for SocialSpark, so let's see if earning me some money will help ;) I had to take a break on potty training, I couldn't devout my full attention to it but we are at it again! The countdown to my husband being home for the holidays is on!!! I can not wait! Not to mention my little girl will be here in less then a month! I don't have an exact date on my induction, but I am praying for the 9th! Either then or the 16th (which is my "official" due date) December is an excited month for us as a family and I couldn't be more ready for it to be here.

I have started our Christmas shopping and actually used K-Mart layaway to get a lot of it done. I freak out when I spend large amounts at one time and so getting everything and paying on it slowly made it a little easier for me. We are getting Christmas Pictures of all the grand kids (my sister in law and I) to give to grandparents and great grandparents. :) I am excited to get those done, even though Adilyn will be most likely under a week old when we do. I didn't get pictures taken for Levi when he was a baby. I thought I took enough, but realize now looking back I wish I would have gotten at least 1 month, 1 year, 2  year, 3 year done.

I am already in freak out mode of my husband coming home. Adilyns nursery is painted (pink, of course) & her crib and changing table were put together before my husband left but other then that...I've got some work to do. I need to put away clothes, hang her name, print out some pictures for her walls, get my chair here & find an end table. Not to mention I can't get Levi to keep his room clean (or his underwear dry) I am nervous about what I am going to look like when my husband sees me (hopefully smaller then when he left) I have good reason to freak out, right? We have two weeks to spend together before he leaves us for 9 months and I want everything to be perfect. Okay, not perfect but I want it to be amazing. That's not too much to ask for, right?

Okay, so I need some help. I want my blog to essentially be a one stop shop. I want you, my readers to be able to come here and find deals, giveaways, articles and my thoughts on it all. Since I am newly starting out I won't be doing giveaways right away, but hopefully soon! I need help, advice on how to get my blog out there. How to let bloggers know, me linking their blogs back to mine will help their blog!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Day Three

Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good whatever time of day it may be for you. We are officially on Day Three of potty training in this household and things are going, okay. I don't think Levi understands when he has to go, so I have been putting him on the potty every 20 minutes. Maybe moving to 30 minutes today...I think he is ready. It's hard to tell with him sometimes, he's stubborn and loves his morning Cartoons...so sometimes he is fine with sitting on the potty and others he isn't. I refuse to put his "big boy potty" in the living room, because our living room is not the bathroom and he would sit on it all day if I let him in the living room, glued to the t.v. I decided today, we will forgo the big boy potty and use the real potty, all  day. He has Thomas the Train seat but usually prefers the Cars potty chair.

Yesterday we spent a lot of the day at my moms, I packed his bag  full of extra underwear and he wore a pull up for the car ride over. I also took his big boy potty with us, because he has this weird thing about using the bathroom other places. Things went well over there, no accidents except during nap time...which to me, is completely understandable right now. We're still using the M&M method but he has yet too poop on the potty...whiiiiich makes me a little nervous about his insides, but I guess if anything...he will learn you can't hold it that long.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Here we go

I'm starting this blog on what could be a life changing day, I am potty training my son. He is 2 and will be 3 on the 5th of November and honestly he has been probably been ready I'm just not a fan of change. So here I am 7 1/2 months pregnant, my husband is training for his first deployment and I am putting on my big girl pants and potty training him. I know it's not going to be easy, he's stubborn and I'm inconsistent but honestly, it's time. Who am I trying to convince, you or me? As I write this, he is dancing and watching Dora but I am so afraid he is doing the I just went in my big boy pants dance I can't help but ask him every two minutes if he went or needs to go. We have a timer set on my phone, so every half hour he can go and sit on his potty but we have been down this road before. Mommy gets tired of sitting around the house and fighting with Levi to get his butt on the potty and Levi gets frustrated with Mommy for yelling or being grumpy because we are stuck in the house. oh goodness. I am however determined this time around.  It helps this morning we took his diaper off after breakfast and he peed in his Cars potty. I was so proud of him & he was so proud of himself. 

We just had our first accident. I knew he had to poop but he kept telling me he didn't. Then he ran into his bedroom and tried to pretend he was "playing" for 2 minutes and wouldn't come out in the living room. I don't know how to handle that, I know I'm not supposed to yell at him but I have to show some type of disappointment right? I mean, I'm not supposed to just pretend everything is a-okay and let him continue...I just told him I wasn't mad that Mommy doesn't understand why he went in his pants and didn't just use the big boy potty. I set an alarm on my phone for every 15 minutes now and we will go from there.