Friday, October 28, 2011

Day Three

Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good whatever time of day it may be for you. We are officially on Day Three of potty training in this household and things are going, okay. I don't think Levi understands when he has to go, so I have been putting him on the potty every 20 minutes. Maybe moving to 30 minutes today...I think he is ready. It's hard to tell with him sometimes, he's stubborn and loves his morning sometimes he is fine with sitting on the potty and others he isn't. I refuse to put his "big boy potty" in the living room, because our living room is not the bathroom and he would sit on it all day if I let him in the living room, glued to the t.v. I decided today, we will forgo the big boy potty and use the real potty, all  day. He has Thomas the Train seat but usually prefers the Cars potty chair.

Yesterday we spent a lot of the day at my moms, I packed his bag  full of extra underwear and he wore a pull up for the car ride over. I also took his big boy potty with us, because he has this weird thing about using the bathroom other places. Things went well over there, no accidents except during nap time...which to me, is completely understandable right now. We're still using the M&M method but he has yet too poop on the potty...whiiiiich makes me a little nervous about his insides, but I guess if anything...he will learn you can't hold it that long.

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